NO: 16 MAY 1981 Markthalle - Hamburg, Germany


Truth, Doubts Even Here, ICB, Dreams Never End, The Him, Procession, Chosen Time, Denial, Ceremony, Everything's Gone Green

Soundcheck (5 minutes): Chosen Time

(Playlist from Fractured/Image)
Many thanks to 'booomboom' for making this one available.
One of the best '81 performances, IMHO.

A fade-in to Truth opens the set.

Second to last ever performance of Doubts Even Here.

ICB follows.

Somebody calls for "Incubation".  They get Dreams Never End

The Him follows, quite a tight performance.  Procession
comes next.

For some reason the LP bootleg ('Dreams Never End') leaves out
Chosen Time, but it is present on the master clone that
'booomboom' made available in April 2004.

Punter cries out for "She's Lost Control".  Bernard says something,
of which I can make out "brain-dead", before the band play a storming

False state to Ceremony.  Fans yell out...

BS:  "If any of you screwheads have any interest than to shout out..."

Bernard than says something about Joy Division, and "you realize
that we're not trying to rip you off...I think it's tonight...".
Would love for somebody to transcribe this part, it's bugged me
for years.

Then a marathon version of Everything's Gone Green, the second
time the group ever performed it.  An amazing intro, only marred
by a few dropouts at about the 2:15-2:20 point, and being faded
at the 17:55 point (due to the reel length being about an hour,


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