NO: 15 MAY 1981 L' Ancienne Belgique - Brussels, Belgium


The Him, Dreams Never End, Ceremony, Truth, In A Lonely Place, Procession, 
Senses, Denial, Everything's Gone Green

Soundcheck (10 minutes): EGG, Senses

(playlist from Fractured/Image)
For a long time, the only two tracks that appear to be extant are from "A Factory Complication".

Duncan's recording finally captured the set aurally in full, starting with the soundcheck.

Everything's Gone Green

Glorious in its instrumental debut (a little over 4 minutes long), only hinting on how not only the band's direction would start to change, but that of modern rock music itself as New Order increasingly incorporated electronics into their sound.  However, for me, the most notable bit of the song is Sumner's jagged, circular guitar


This take speeds up shortly before the three minute mark.


The Him

Compere (with a slight accent):  "New Order"

A bit of a gap between the announcement and when they plug in and start to play.

Dreams Never End follows.

False start into Ceremony, not the best version of this.


Nothing really special to note, as the band aren't particularly talkative here.

In A Lonely Place

Bernard's voice echoes "now" a couple of times, and then he whoops.

Procession follows.

Senses is as always a tour-de-force, and includes a terrific guitar solo.


Another example of drumming perfection here, though the guitar lead-in is anything but.

Everything's Gone Green

The debut for this song.

The lyrics are much unlike any version I've ever heard,
but are too low in the mix to be able to properly decipher.


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