NO: 13 MAY 1981 Palais Des Arts - Paris, France


Instrumental (unknown?), Procession, Ceremony, Doubts Even Here, Truth, 
Dreams Never End, ICB, Senses, Denial, In A Lonely Place

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

Tape used for writeup courtesy of 'nof586'.


This to me sounds like a reworking of Mesh, but incorporating
elements of 'Sister Ray', especially with respect to the drumming.
Excellent stuff.


A segue from the last track.

Bernard screeches after one of the verses.

The band tune up after the end, doing it for well over 30 seconds.

Ceremony is played next.

Doubts Even Here

Played only two more times afterwards.  None of these versions feature
Gillian's part.  Ends with drums.


Bernard wanders from the script at the 1:48 point, when he sings
"Seems so glad they destruct" (rather than "to be here")

Dreams Never End

Stellar-sounding guitar from Mr. Sumner.


Again, great guitar work from Bernard.

Break in tape between this and Senses.

Then Denial, followed by another brief break.

The concert ends with In A Lonely Place which in and of itself
is unusual, with an rendition to match.

Bernard says something at 1:40 I can't make out.

"I'm warm like a debt..." as he stumbles over the lyric shortly before
the 3:00 point.

Shortly before 4:00:  "Turn the microphone down...turn the bass drum up."

Followed by a few yelps.

Bernard then starts talking, which I can't make out.


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