NO: 08 MAY 1981 University Student Union - Reading, England


The Him, Chosen Time, Dreams Never End, Truth, Procession, Senses, 
Ceremony, In A Lonely Place, New Order jam with Section 25 on 2 songs 

Soundcheck (5 minutes): Ceremony 

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

Fairly hissy (though not muddy) sounding tape, but still fairly
listenable.  A Duncan recording with a soundcheck take of
Ceremony has since shown up.

These tracks are prefaced on my source tape with versions of
Procession and Dreams Never End (cuts after less than a minute)
that are taken from an unknown gig, most likely either Chorley
(03 Jan 81) or Plato's Ballroom, Liverpool (14 Jan 81) but could
be any number of other dates if Procession wasn't the opener.

It's now believed that the soundcheck tracks (Denial and Senses)
attributed to this gig are actually taken from Cedar Club Birmingham
1981-04-10 and Trinity Hall Bristol 1981-03-27 respectively.
However, it does appear that there is a legit recording of Ceremony
being soundchecked.

And it seems there's at least two versions as Whiskybob on DIME
has put up one that doesn't have all the cuts the first version

The Him

The original version joins this track in progress (first part of the
song is cut), but the newer version is complete.

There's a fair amount of talking through the intro of next song,
Chosen Time.

Ends in low-pitched filter sweeps.

Dreams Never End

At the end, a punter says, "Right, really nice...".


lyric:  "Some people look down on me, I hope they're disgusted with
what they see."

On the old version, the end of the song is cut, but is complete on
the newer source.


At one point, Bernard sings "I don't know" during the "Destruction...
devotion, it's all the same to me." bit.


Features a very prominent guitar solo bit.

A tape cut (old version, new one has no cut), and then New Order tunes
up with Barney ranting about something...for over a minute before the
start of the next tune, Ceremony.

BS:  "Hey, you'll just have to wait while we tune up...[new version
has a cut here] something to think about for all you futurists...
especially the ones with ... coats(?) [here he makes really weird
vocal noises]... craft.  If you don't understand that, you're not
a Futurist."

Mark Johnson says that the point of this was to attack those who had
identified or labelled the group as aligned with Futurism.

Out of the blue, Bernard SCREAMS "I'll break them down"...

New Order segue right into In A Lonely Place.

(about 4 minutes in)

BS:  "Bass Drum...[name]...turn the bass drums back up...just turn
(up) the bass...everyone, New Order is sick of the stories...[something]
I want everyone to be sick...just sick of the just don't
understand...[something] nuclear(?)...[something] should
be sick...[something] acid...and then he goes completely unhinged on the
Futurists, "you're just're just dirt, you're just scum, you're
just filth, you're just sick...scum...dirt...sick-filled scum-filled,
you... you're shit, you're shit, you're shit...[other mutterings]
scoot back, you little shit" etc.  The song comes to a close.

There's another edit in the tape.  Apparently Section 25 come on and
performs a long jam with New Order...sounding a bit like
Cries And Whispers, but has Larry Cassidy (I think) on vocals,
who sings a few lyrics.  There's a small break for applause, and then
the music starts up again, with the keyboards serving to define the
melody, and then has a drum-only section, and some more Cassidy
vocals before the tape cuts out.


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