NO: 06 MAY 1981 Forum Ballroom - Kentish Town, London England

With Tunnelvision and Safehouse. 


The Him, Dreams Never End, Doubts Even Here, Truth, ICB,
Procession, Senses, Denial

Soundcheck (15 minutes): Truth, Ceremony 

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

Melody Maker 23 May 81
Interview by Neil Rowland

Purports to be the first interview New Order has ever given, which also includes 
an account of the Forum Ballroom gig


has a brief description of Bernard at this gig.

Before the first soundcheck track, there's a bit of dialogue.

BS:  "Sure this little synth...mine's loud enough..."

PH:  "Can I have a little more synth through my wedge?"

Soundcheck tracks include:





The version I have starts with a girl giggling and asking what
the time is.

Bernard than can be heard to say something to the effect that
the band won't be playing any Joy Division songs tonight,
notwithstanding that Ceremony started off as one.

Dreams Never End

Quite a bizarre version.  It breaks down after about minute or
so, after Hooky flubs the bass intro at the 20 second point,
with the bassist stopping and only guitar and drums beying played.

Then the band jams something akin to a Buzzcocks tune before
jamming back into the song they're supposed to be playing.


Has some weird noises at the end, achieved by Bernard scraping
his strings.  Lots of reverb on the vocals here.


Anarchic guitar jamming closes out the track, quite good!

A/B split at this point.

The band than power through the second half of their set, starting with:


...and then...

Chosen Time

The end of Denial has a eerie spoken word Bernard delivering
the "chorus".

Ends with In A Lonely Place which concludes with a lovely
burst of feedback and synth drones.


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