NO: 23 APR 1981 'Celebration' - Granada TV, Manchester

Celebration was originally broadcast 18 JUN 81 on Granada TV.  My original copy is a flickery PAL->NTSC dub, with tracking issues every once in a while, which has been greatly improved in recent years.  Of course, since I wrote this, some tracks have been released on the Movement box set.

Broadcast tracks (per the above):

Dreams Never End
Chosen Time
Denial  (titled 'Little Dead')

Gillian's hair is fairly short, and she has a cute bowtie on the top.
The band is po-faced and doesn't talk at any point.  Morris' drumming
at the end of Chosen Time and at the start of Denial is as always a
high point.

Credits roll over the last part of Truth.

There's also a 21 minute tape of outtake tracks, taped from the audience.


At the end Bernard mutters something I can't make out, that
garners laughter and clapping.

Hooky then says something which I can't make out either.
Barney strums his guitar in what sounds slightly like the
Velvets' "Sweet Jane", there's a feedback squall, and then,
the start of Doubts Even Here.

Mic bump at 2:52.

BS:  "Someone's got a pee-pee lined...[don't understand]"

A member of the audience repeats this, in a questioning manner.


Very short (1:24) instrumental, with the starting portion


Much of this sounds distorted.

Dreams Never End

First take breaks down during first verse, voice says "Due to...
[can't make out] we're gonna have to start again.

PH:  "We're incredibly hung over.  One two, one two."
(not sure if this is really what Hooky says).  Some other
chatter as well, and Barney says someting about "beautiful"
and "you get to quiet down a bit"...which generate laughter.

Dreams Never End
is started over again.

A longer version of these tracks including outtakes taped by the legendary Duncan has since surfaced:

Truth / Procession / Ceremony / Doubts Even Here / Truth (Take #2) / ICB / Chosen Time / Digital / Chosen Time (Take #2) / Denial / Dreams Never End (Outtake #1) / Dreams Never End (Outtake #2) / Dreams Never End / The Him / Procession (Take #2) / Senses / Denial (Take #2) / Ceremony~In A Lonely Place  (playlist from Fractured/Image)

An outtake version of ICB (video) from Live In Glasgow

As well as Chosen Time...


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