NO: 22 APR 1981 Romeo & Juliet's, Sheffield


In A Lonely Place, Chosen Time, Dreams Never End, Truth, The Him, Senses, Procession, Denial

Soundcheck:   Candidate (bassline), Procession, In A Lonely Place

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

Recording courtesy of TJ via grende_l.


"low-generation tape copy (slight hiss) of a very good audience
recording, from TJ's vault; audience chatter abounds, but this won't
detract from your listening pleasure, as this is an excellent
performance (6 tracks that would end up on 'Movement' + 2 singles
tracks). No sound-processing was done. There's a cut between Procession
& Denial in the recording (all on one side of a C-45, though);
strangely, after the cut the sound is much clearer for a short while,
but by the time Denial starts there's no noticeable difference with the
other tracks anymore."

In A Lonely Place

Fade-in on the recording.  Another version reveals Hooky saying,
"One two, one two" over the fading-out PA backing track.

Quite a bit of audience chatter at the start, and throughout the

Chosen Time follows.

At the very start, Hooky strums bass really quickly to produce an
interesting sound effect.

Last portion has additional synth part, which isn't typical.

Dreams Never End

PH:  "One, two, could you turn these monitors and the drum down
with the vocals?"


Male and female punters talking, difficult to make out what they're
talking about.  Hooky's bass starts in at 0:19 and dominates the
intro, very impressive.  Bernard's melodica starts up at 0:50, with
Gillian's synth at 1:05.

More chatter between this and The Him.

You can really almost make out the banter between the gent and lass
before  Senses .


Yet more chatter.

Barney appears to ad-lib shortly after the 2:00 point, or else this
is an early example of swearing through a lyric.


BS:  "Give me some lights [can't make out][??]"


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