NO: 19 APR 1981 Valentino's Edinburgh

Last stop of the Scotland mini-tour, supported by The Visitors.


Ceremony, The Him, Doubts Even Here, Truth, Senses, Dreams Never End, Chosen Time, Denial, In A Lonely Place

Soundcheck:   Truth, Chosen Time


My version is a fairly poor audience tape, which I've managed to source an upgrade for, shared as linked above.

Some audience chatter after the opener, Ceremony, Bernard appears to apologize for something, I can't make out what.

It could be at this point he says "this is God speaking, this is your death speaking". (unverified)

The Him follows, and then the fourth of the eight performances of Doubts Even Here.


PH:  "We're..." [five words, can't make out rest]"

At end...

PH:  "Move(?) back ...because the the foldback..."

Bernard utters a word.


Some woman calls out "Mark" or somesuch a few times.

Dreams Never End

Bass intro sounds a bit strange, like Hooky's not playing it
on the six-string.

Chosen Time

The intro to Denial is a bit muffed.

Both this and In A Lonely Place have Bernard screeching.

Near the end Bernard starts to passionately scream out lyrics, but due to the quality of the source tape I can't make anything out, and the end is cut.


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