NO: 18 APR 1981 Victoria Hotel - Aberdeen


Doubts Even Here, Chosen Time, Dreams Never End, ICB, Senses, Denial, Procession, Ceremony

Soundcheck: Everything's Gone Green, Isolation, In A Lonely Place, ICB, Chosen Time, Truth

(playlist from thehappyone)

Doubts Even Here opens the set, the last time it would ever do so.

Chosen Time

Stereo shift at 3:05 on TJ version.

Somebody barks right before the start of Dreams Never End.


During the intro, Bernard says something about turning the
syndrum up.

At 2:42, there's a ripping sound.

Senses follows, as does  Denial and Procession.


The TJ version is cut at about the 4:00 mark.  An alternate
version from ST is complete.


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