NO: 10 APR 1981 Cedar Club - Birmingham


Doubts Even Here, Ceremony, Dreams Never End, The Him, Truth, Chosen Time, Procession, Senses, Denial

Soundcheck:  Denial (aka "Little Dead"), The Him 

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

Taken from B. Vick archives, on a CH-sourced tape, whose master sounds fairly good.  Too bad this is an Nth generation copy.

Another recording from Duncan has recently surfaced.

Doubts Even Here

Second performance of this song.

punter:  "That was with the same voice..." (I think)

Nearly three minutes until Hooky's vocal, they may have
been having mic problems of some sort.  Some audience/stage
interaction which I have to listen to closer.

Mic bump and a feedback squall at the end.


Some audience chatter at the end of this.

punter:  "The last days, talked to him.  And Nelson.  And David."

another:  "What were they playing?"

punter:  "Who wants to get that?"

third:  "Play one you know."

Dreams Never End

Hooky completely flubs the intro, and has to start again.

PH:  "Can I get...with the foldback, please?"

BS:  "More foldback for me."

The Him

Very good version, long feedback squall near the end, right
before Barney sings, "so tired."


The drum machine starts out really fast, but is slowed down to
the proper pitch after the first measure.

More audience comments near the end.

Tape break (squeegie-like, no better way of describing the sound
the old recorders would make) between this and the next track.

A slight bit of soundchecking.

Chosen Time

Second performance of this number.

Bernard's vocals in the middle are pretty ropey.  Sounds like they
speed up during the bridge.


BS:  "Can I get some more foldback, Ozzie?  More foldback."

Bernard tunes up at the end of this.  A couple of boing noises (synth
tune-up?) can be heard as well.

Senses follows.

Punter and friend chat during the intro of Denial.

Weird sound during the "terrifies me" line...and the same sound later
on during the "I tried so hard line"...sounds a bit like static.

Hair-raising "inside of me" shouts.




Ozzy:  "Steve - You okay with that - can you hear it?" (The last part
of the sentence being shortened to "Can y'ear it?")

My version (which was what was identified as being from Reading) cuts
out at this point.

SM:  "Yeah. (Pause) It's alright"

Ozzy:  (after a pause) "How about you Barney? Are you okay?" (The word
'about' is muffled by a cymbal noise)

BS: "Can you give us a bit more top on the vocals in the foldback?"

Ozzy:  "Yeah we'll try that....(rest is too quiet to hear)"

The Him follows.  The WR listing has it reversed in "real time".


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