NO: 08 APR 1981 Rock City - Nottingham


Doubts Even Here, Chosen Time, Dreams Never End, Truth, In A Lonely Place, Procession, Senses, Denial

Soundcheck (10 minutes):  Doubts Even Here, Chosen Time, Truth (drums) 

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

The first source is a tape from the archives, which only contain the
listed tracks, omitting Dreams Never End and Denial, at least according
to the old Waterrat gigography that I inherited.

I've since received a much more clear version, with all of the tracks
present.  It may be from a second source.

Sound is hissy but is fairly listenable, being a bit bass-heavy.
Via JD Central Twitter

The hissiness may have been due to the recorder.

BS:  "Don't cheer, Won't...after...visit..." (can't make out)

(the second source starts after this point)

Doubts Even Here

The debut live performance of this song, first of eight times New Order perform Doubts (they had stopped playing it by June 1981)  Sung by Hooky.  Great version, especially like the synth effects at the start.

Break at 0:51 on second source, the first being complete.

Chosen Time

Debut of this song as well!  Bernard yells out "I'll never know!".
Features some soloing not heard in the album or later live versions.

There's an edit between the prior song and _Truth_ (likely the missing
Dreams Never End).

Dreams Never End

Bit of a false start with the opening bass riff.

Truth follows.

The next song is In A Lonely Place.

Mark Johnson says that, "Bernard forgot the lyrics of IALP.  He was
singing along in the usual way, then he got to one passage and all that
came from his mouth was a rather daft noise for the rest of the line.
Finally, Peter came in and started singing to save him."

This is followed by Procession, and then Senses, which on my
original tape is cut...

Last song is Denial.  Garbles at 2:00 for about 20s.  Mic bump at 4:00.


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