NO: 22 MAR 1981 Jenkinson's Bar - Brighton


Ceremony, Dreams Never End, In A Lonely Place, Truth, ICB, The Him, Procession, Denial

Soundcheck (10 minutes): The Him, Denial

(playlist from Fractured/Image, link above is a different rendition from 'Dreams Never End')

Quality of my version is decent.  A better version from a
different source tape (copy from the master) has recently

New Order open the set with Ceremony.

Then comes Dreams Never End with audience members
asking and answering what song this is.  Hooky's vocals
are fairly clear in this one, though the opening bass
riff stumbles a bit.  They then roll into In A Lonely Place.

Some audience chatter during the intro of Truth, to
the effect that the track they were playing hadn't been
released yet, but I'm not completely certain that's in
fact what was said.

Bernard tunes his guitar a bit before ICB.

The Him follows.   Rough edit before Procession.


BS:  "a bit more guitar through the monitor would be lovely...
more guitar."

Denial concludes the set.  Second time it's ever played.
It nearly sounds hopeful, and is quite a good version that
has the crowd crying out for more, which they of course do
not get.


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