NO: 21 MAR 1981 The Boys Club - Bedford


Denial, In A Lonely Place, Dreams Never End, Procession, Truth, ICB, Senses, Ceremony

Soundcheck (15 minutes): Doubts Even Here, Denial, Truth 

(playlist from Fractured/Image, linked version above from rockyfan)

Master recording courtesy of Duncan.

This is one where the band just play, there's very little interaction
that you can hear here.


We have what sounds like bleed-through on the tape or somebody
left Section 25 on stage.

This is followed by In A Lonely Place and Dreams Never End.

A bit of an odd version, very guitar-heavy and Hooky doesn't
sing "soul" at the end of the second verse.

Procession follows.


Bernard strums his guitar, VU-like, during the intro, which
really gets going with Hooky's driving bass, interrupted by
a random feedback squall.

ICB then follows.


The band tune up and take a small break to plug in guitars
a bit between this and the final track Ceremony.


Consists of three tracks.

Doubts Even Here

Initially titled, 'Tiny Tim', this is the first instrumental
run through of this track.  Very arresting, yet another case
of the first time being the best.


At the time, this was known as 'Little Dead'.


This is just 'Truth'.


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