NO: 09 FEB 1981 Heaven Ultradisco - London


In A Lonely Place, Dreams Never End, ICB, Truth, Procession, The Him, Senses, Ceremony

Soundcheck (25 minutes): Love Will Tear Us Apart, Walked In Line, Glass, No Love Lost, Digital, Decades, Atmosphere, Ceremony, Truth

(playlist from Fractured/Image, above link is rockyfan)

Sounds 21 Feb 81
Live Review by Chris Burkham
(includes photo)


Article identifies Gillian as Steve Morris' girlfriend.  They've been
together for a very long time, as this was written early 1981.

Definitely written by somebody sympathetic to their "cause".

Soundcheck tracks include instrumental Joy Division numbers like
"Glass" and "Digital".

I remember that the AIFL tome mentioned that the PA was quadrophonic,
which was said to be an experiment that failed.

The band starts off with In A Lonely Place.

Some chatter after...weird metallic plucking afterwards.

Unusual start to Dreams Never End with guitar playing a full
minute and a half before Hooky's bass comes in.

Some more chatter and tittering, as there's another longish-break
between tracks, which Stephen fills with drum fills. 


Intro sounds a bit like Senses here.


Distinctive feature is a female punter commenting about the sound.


Weird guitar+keyboard intro.

BS:  "...more guitar through the foldback...[can't make out rest due to
the reverb]"

The Him

The sound mix seems to do this one good.  Hooky mutters something at
about 2:25.  Folks clap at 4:15, not knowing that the silence there
wasn't the end of the song.


I love the spring-type sounds at the start.  Stereo shift at about 3:05.

finishes out the set.


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