NO: 07 FEB 1981 Road-Menders Club, Northampton, England


In A Lonely Place, Procession, ICB, Truth, Senses, The Him
Ceremony, Dreams Never End

Soundcheck (15 minutes):  Senses, Truth

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

Interesting note regarding screwup on Procession.
(link defunct)

To summarize, it's reported that the Stockholm Monsters were the
support, so the question was brought forth whether they had
performed on Procession, but in fact it turns out to be
a drunk Barney, with Hooky messing up a few times as well

(johnny james and Detweiler (aka TJ) get credit for discussing this)
(also defunct)

contains some more information regarding the tracklisting.

Tape starts with soundcheck versions of Senses and Truth.

The band tune up at this point.

No comments through ICB.  Barney tunes his guitar again after

Some lady starts chattering in a real thick brogue at the
start of Truth.  I can't make out a word.  Hooky's makes
an error here, or decides to alter the bassline a bit.

The band tune up again before Senses, in fact they're still
tuning through the initial drum bit. 

Cut between Senses and The Him.

After The Him, somebody starts to chant something over and over
a few times, it may have been "Gillian, Gillian!".  Bernard replies
with something about how "You have to shout out every night...
[2 words]?...always following me around"...

More of the same chanting after Ceremony.  No commentary by any
of the band.

Dreams Never End
closes the set.  A bit of PA noise after.



Hooky says "synth through the foldback".


Some muttering about a drum machine.


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