NO: 06 FEB 1981 Comanche Student Union - Manchester Polytechnic

Ceremony from FACT56, found on on the 'Movement' Definitive Edition box set.


In A Lonely Place, Dreams Never End, ICB, Truth, Procession, The Him, Senses, Ceremony

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

Source is from kered5's master.  Better than what you would
expect from a dictation-type tape recorder.  Also have a
source from CW, recorded with a Sony TCS-300, featuring better
sound, and more audience chatter.

In A Lonely Place is first, followed by Dreams Never End

At 3:00 on the CW tape, a girl yelps.  There's quite a bit of
audience chatter before DNE (somebody mentions Joy Division
at one point), and feedback at 1:13 or so.

The end of DNE features somebody cackling, and a tiny bit of


Drumbeats sound like somebody stamping their feet on the floor.

BS:  "There's no sequencer in the foldback."

Sequencer?  1981?  Yup, that's what he says.

A tiny bit of guitar fiddling before the start of Truth.

A hiccup sound at the end.  Barney bashes out some chords.

Procession follows, and then The Him.

More tuning and a "boing!" synth effect preceding Senses,
that can also be heard during the song's intro.

Edit between Senses and Ceremony (CW tape)

(on the kered5 tape)

And yet more tuning before Ceremony.  One fan says something
about it being the new single.  There appears to be some
bleed-through at the 2:10 point.  There's also some talking
from 3:10 through the next minute...whoever it is sounds
perhaps upset at the brevity of the set?


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