NO: 12 JAN 1981 Eglinton Toll Plaza - Glasgow, Scotland


In A Lonely Place, Dreams Never End, Truth, Mesh, Procession, ICB, The Him, Cries And Whispers, Senses, Ceremony

(playlist by Fractured/Image)

Photos of the set used by Fractured/Image for his playlist, as well as a brief gig review by Terri Sanai, who would tragically end up taking her own life a few years later, as recounted by her younger sister Layla.

Only originally had one of the tracks (in MP3 form).  Sound is downright dodgy.

The whole thing has since shown up, with sound still dodgy now much better
thanks to contributors on the Internet.

TJ had the following description (based on 'An Ideal For Living'):

"Bombers Over Vienna opened, and Positive Noise were on second.

A terrible sounding gig, both at the gig and on recording, Bernard
complained throughout about the PA system. They aborted Dreams Never
End halfway through and tried it again after a Bernard tantrum, and he
introduced Cries and Whispers as Atmosphere, but then added "we were
gonna do that but because of the shit PA we can't". An encore of Ceremony
topped proceedings.  One of the worst sounding NO tapes there is!"

In A Lonely Place

Hooky "one, twos" right before his vocal turn and through the cheering
for the song they had just played, in preparation for the next song,
Dreams Never End.  Or at least the first run-through, which
peters about after about two minutes.

They then start over, and this time make it through.

BS:  "For fuck sake, get this fucking [something] straight onto that
stupid [something else] now."


About 30 seconds in...

BS:  "Oh, we got a drum machine now."

Mesh follows...a very good rendition, actually.


Bernard cries out "What?" at about 0:52 in.

Tape fades out at this point.


BS:  "...[something], man(?)"

The Him

Bernard's vocals end up much louder than the music, probably at the
point the PA starts to give out.

Cries And Whispers

BS:  "Still like fucking shit sound...who was that?"

(As synths start up)

BS:  "It's called Atmosphere..."  (huge cheering)  "Nononononono, sorry,
no it's not.  We're gonna do that before, but because of the shit PA we
can't.  Requires a [sounds like 'harsh military'] sound'.

Mark Refoy suggests he's talking about the bad sound.

Fades out.


Sounds like a different recording, more clear.

BS:  "Sorry about the sound... [couple more words hard to make out]"

The bass drum here is especially loud.

BS:  "Listen to that bass drum.  Whoo!  Electric drums, that."

Terrific guitar riffing here.

The track fades out, but not before a boost in the s


Some noodling with the amps.

BS: (hard to make out)  "Sorry, changing out...interested in buying a
drum?  Well, look man, anyway...the enthusiasm...[word]...up"


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