NO: 14 JAN 1981 Plato's Ballroom - Liverpool


Procession, Dreams Never End, In A Lonely Place, Mesh, Truth, The Him, Senses, Ceremony

Transferred from an old TJ tape, shared above by yours truly.

Procession starts out the set, and is followed by Dreams Never End.

This is followed by In A Lonely Place.  There's a bit of taper
chatter at the start of this.


New Order's final performance of this song, to be retired come February's

Hooky may say 'thank you' after this.  Conversation around the taper
then centers around a camera somebody had brought.


Bernard says something at the beginning that I can't make out.  Still
more chatter around the taper, including a comment on whether they'd
be playing Bela Lugosi's Dead after this.

The Him features yet more taper chatter, and quite a bit of it, too.

Some tuning between tracks afterwards.


More tuning between tracks afterwards.


This skips on TJ's version.


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