NO: 04 JAN 1981 The Fan Club (Branningan's) - Leeds


Ceremony, Mesh, Truth, The Him, In A Lonely Place, Dreams Never End, Cries And Whispers, Senses

Soundcheck (15 minutes):

The Him, Senses, Truth (w/Dead Souls bass intro)

(playlist by Fractured/Image)

Recording posted to DIME by Duncan in March 2007.

The opening track is Ceremony.

PH:  "Turn the foldback...on the wedges."

BS:  "Turn the guitar up through the foldback as its
feeding back."


Great guitar riffing here, though it overwhelms the
song near the end.


BS:  "Well, well, well.  We're not going to play any
Joy Division songs.  What you'd do an encore for."

BS:  "This one's called Truth, though."

The fans comment about this pronouncement.

The melodica and synth combo are piercingly, hauntingly
beautiful here.

The Him follows.

In A Lonely Place

Great-sounding growling synth at the start.

voice:  "There's a little bit of distortion on the left hand
side of the keyboard."

BS:  "The left hand side of the PA has blown up, actually."

voice:  "Oh, the God."

Dreams Never End

Cries And Whispers

There's feedback through the first verse.

BS:  "Sorry about the silent party",

Neil O'Connor (who recorded the show) noted Bernard's wry comment,
and that it was said, "as if to have a little dig at the crowd
who were pretty much stood montionless, only offering reserved
applause in-between songs.


voice:  "Just like the Cure, that one...

BS:  "Listen to that bass, woo.  Electric drums, that."


The Him

BS:  (2:05)  "I need vocals [thru the] foldback."


Lots of boingy sound effects

PH:  "One two.  Give me two, one two.
Ho-kay, now.  One two."

BS:  "Okay, one...let's just re... that.  One two."

The guitar riff to "Sweet Jane".

Bernard and Hooky one-two.


You take those cymbals down a little bit in the foldback.
One two."

Hooky plays the bassline of Dead Souls through the drum
machine line, really cool...before reverting back to the
normal bassline of the song.

BS:  (1:48)  "One two"

Hooky cries out for "Jerry" and the song comes to a close,
and someone says "this is the last song of..." and something
about shouting.

BS:  "That's all right, apart from that."

PH:  "One two"


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