NO: 03 JAN 1981 Tatton Community Centre - Chorley


Procession, Dreams Never End, Truth, Mesh, The Him, Cries And Whispers, Ceremony, Senses

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

Sound on long-circulating version is decent, but probably not

In March 2007, Duncan seeded his upgraded master clone to DIME.
And if you can believe it, there's another master clone in existence
which GaoBest received from a friend of the band.

BS:  "Hi."

Bernard makes some noises before Procession.

Duncan's version fades in, so this is not heard on his version.

A fairly involved guitar solo here.

At about 1:05 somebody sounds like they're saying 'sorry'.

Lady can be heard giggling a bit on some of the audience
versions.  Duncan's version features the following

punter:  "Is that a new one or a new one"

lady:  "An old one"

taper (I think):  "Oh, fucking good then."

punter:  "I only know a few, c'mon."

Brief pause on the GaoBest version.

Dreams Never End

GaoBest version gets inadvertently paused during the intro.

BS:  "Can I have some guitar through the foldback, please?"
[a few more words muttered which I can't make out]

Hooky calls for "guitar" at 1:45.

More conversion on the Duncan version, with the girl saying
"I've never really been into Joy Division."


Bit of a slow intro there.

Taper says "Just move this back a little bit."


Hooky does his usual bit.  1:21, 1:26, 1:28-1:31,
and 1:51-1:55 have dropouts, at least on my copy.
But not on Duncan's.

BS:  "We'd like to apologize for the feedback...
What was I thinking?  Is it all right?"

The Him

Somebody yells out "Get it right" at the start.

Sound starts garbling up between 1:20-1:30 on my old copy,
but not on Duncan's.

Very harsh guitars suggesting the mix was a bit of a problem.

The band tune up between this song and the next.

Cries And Whispers

Bernard sings this.

lyric:  "Once, out of reach, we never speak, we never see"

Some person (higher pitched reedy male voice) says something
which I can't make out.

BS:  "What?"

Same person: "You seem a little bit down to me.  [couple more
words I can't make out]"  Could also be "of that one" instead
of "a bit down", or something else entirely, don't know.


BS:  "Anybody got anything to say?  Or are you just going to
[can't make out the rest]..."

The set closes off with a nice, boingy Senses.


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