NO: 02 JAN 1981 The Porterhouse - Retford, Nottinghamshire


ICB, In A Lonely Place, Senses, Mesh, Dreams Never End, Cries and Whispers, Truth, The Him, Ceremony

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

Tape courtesy of Snotters.  As he notes, it sounds like about
40 people were there.

announcer:  "Okay, punters, if you can put your hands on stage
and welcome on stage, New Order.  Thank you."


Instrumental version.  Second time for this one.

BS:  "A little more snare though the foldback, please."

In A Lonely Place

Solid version, not much of note.


Remarkable intro bass synth sound, not unlike a growling motor.


Different arrangement, with the extended drum and single bass
note, as well as Bernard's funky guitar work at the 1:30 point.
Like it quite a bit!

I really wish a soundboard version of this song would surface
so we can transcribe the lyrics.

Some audience chatter between tracks.

Dreams Never End

(at the end)

BS:  "The guitar through the foldback..."

BS:  "Yep...that's it."

Cries And Whispers

Another good intro.

A bit of audience chatter at the end.


Slightly different drum pattern than what appeared later.
Mic gets bumped a couple of times at around the 3:30 point.

The Him

The second time this is played.  The lyrics are nearly fully
formed, there may be a few lyrical variations, but nothing
stands out.  Though Gillian's synth part is simpler than it
would become.

Also has the break where the song stops and starts again.

Some tape tracking issues (increased hiss) shortly before 2:00,
and at around the 4:00 mark.


Has initial bass riff, than a pause, and then it comes in a
rush.  Bernard's guitar sound is a bit different, I guess
he hadn't picked up his Ceremony guitar at this point.

A very uplifting version.


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