NO: 13 DEC 1980 Utopia, Hal 4 - Rotterdam, Netherlands


ICB, The Him, Mesh ,Truth, Cries And Whispers, In A Lonely Place, Dreams Never End, Ceremony, Senses

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

Photos taken at the gig  by  Jos van Vliet.  
The linked website also includes MP3s of the recording of this show.

This tape is decent quality for such an old gig.

No less than three songs debuted in this recording, assuming
there weren't any gigs taped between the Squat, Manchester date,
and this one.

The debut of ICB, as well as the debut of The Him.

Bernard says something about the levels on his vocals and guitar
before they perform Truth.  Can't make it out much better than


BS:  "We don't play any Joy Division...we're doing our own(?) stuff."

(can't entirely make this out, this is a blind guess really)

Bernard makes another statement to the crowd before the start of
Cries And Whispers, barely intelligible:

BS:  "Some of you are staying quiet...better than watch(ing?) us...
better than..."

(soundchecking during his statement makes it very difficult to pick
up...this is followed by a very interesting feedback effect)

The band then play the number.

Tape edit at this point.

Dreams Never End


BS:  "This song is for you."


BS:  "We only want this fookin' drum machine...we really want to...
now we're fucked playing."

(can't make out some of this)

The debut performance.

Sounds a bit different due to the drum machine intro.


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