NO: OCT/NOV 1980 The Basement - Brighton

(link now defunct as New Order Online changed forum systems)

Some confirmation from bl0tt0:

"I was at the Art College at the time, helping run gigs at the Basement Bar.
It was a really seedy dive but we did put on some interesting gigs with bands
that went on to make it big (U2 with Bono standing on a beer crate in order
to raise his height on the stage made of pallets was fairly amusing).

I was at the gig so it did definitely happen, as did the ACR gig. Sadly though
I have no mementos. I just remember it as being a bit of a coup getting NO so
early in their career. The guy that was principally responsible for bookings
at the time was Addison Cresswell, now manager to the majority of top line
British comedians."

I am told that Rob Gretton's diaries for this period (unpublished) make no reference to this show, so we may never get to the bottom of this.


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