NO: 30 SEP 1980 The Underground - Boston, MA


In A Lonely Place, Dreams Never End, Cries And Whispers, Truth, Mesh, Homage, Ceremony

(playlist from Fractured/Image, link above is from "whatdoidonow 1997")

From tape seeded by 'snotters' to Sharing The Groove, a now-defunct

Bittorrent tracker.

Sound is excellent, though generation isn't quite known.

Notes by 'snotters':

A couple of requests for this so as it's quite a small file (30 minute
set) I'm letting it loose! Fascinating document in New Order's live
history in many ways. To say they sounded raw and under-rehearsed here
is an understatement! Still compelling listening at times, when you
consider what they went through just months earlier, having to pick up
the pieces etc.

IALP is played with a drum machine - due to the fact that it's said that
Steve was singing. I'm not convinced myself. The shit really hits the
fan when Hooky attempts to sing! Steve is also said to have sung Truth,
but if this is the case he sounds a lot like Barney to me!

On this tour the band managed to have all their gear nicked! Imagine -
some lucky bastard has all the original guitars, keyboards etc used by
Joy Division!! So Hooky had to play on a borrowed 4 string songs which
he would normally tackle on his Shergold 6 string. that's why Cries &
Whispers and Dreams Never End sound so "odd".

Either way this show is essential for collectors and certainly worth a
listen. The quality is pretty good, considering! I cleaned up a bit of
high end hiss via soundforge too.

In A Lonely Place

As advertised, it features a drum machine, but to me, it appears that
Barney's singing this. Tempo is slower than on the release. Song
ends with melodica.

Female audience member talking here.

Dreams Never End

PH: "1-2".

Has the cymbal shuffle intro as on Western Works, but the bass sounds
different, as noted above, because Hooky's playing this on a four
string. Brief dropout at 2:16.

Lots of chatter here, with somebody shouting, "Bring it together!"
and somebody else (nearer the taper) saying "See anything?".

Cries And Whispers

Opens with bass throbs and a synth wash. Steve is singing! (Hooky
did this one later, at least with this version of the song)


The Order are changing vocalists with each song. Barney's turn.

Ends with a bass riff, and a bit of tuning.


Starts off with drums and Hooky's inimitable bass riffing and vocals.


This still has the loping gait of melody. Steve's turn got skipped,
so we have Barney singing again. Ends in bass feedback.


It appears that Steve and Barney just swapped places. Morris on
vocals here. Brief dropout near the end (4:21).


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