NO: 20 SEP 1980 Maxwell's - Hoboken, New Jersey


In A Lonely Place, Cries And Whispers, Hour, Procession, Truth, Mesh, Dreams Never End, Ceremony

(playlist from Fractured/Image, like above from "Grieving In The Shadows" bootleg shared by "lighthouse's new stolen account")

From David Sultan's "World In Motion" forum:

setlist: "ialp - c&w - ? - procession - truth - mesh - ? dne - ceremony"

xx: "...featuring the only (known) performance of 'in a lonely place'
using a drum machine (and presumably steve on synth)"

Some skepticism due to the bit in Mark Johnson's book saying Procession wasn't written until October 1980. The individual apparently stepped up to the plate and provided a snippet of Procession:

There's also a question of whether this was the 20st or the 21st.

At long last, a soundboard recording of this show has surfaced, and it's revealed

that the third track was titled "Hour".


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