NO: 05 SEP 1980 Scamps, Blackpool


Dreams Never End, Truth, Mesh, Homage, Sister Ray, Cries and Whispers, Ceremony

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

Gig was about 32 minutes long.  According to "Erik", this was taped by Larry Cassidy of Section 25 fame, however, the extant recording isn't actually sourced from him, it seems.

Dreams Never End

BS:  "Thank you for coming here tonight....the guitar.  Through the foldback.
And stop the Joy Division chanting."

While he's speaking, Stephen Morris talks!!


SM:  "Terry(?)...a bit more vocals on my side."

TM:  "Okay."

There is so much echo on his vocals that I'm amazed he even bothered
to even sing.

lyrics:  "Oh, fucking strange day...such a stupid day."


PH:  "A bit more light."


Bernard yells for "lights" during the middle of this.

Sister Ray

Bernard plucks the guitar twice to get the attention of the crowd.

BS:  "I like to explain this for the benefit of everyone who's paid
to come here...the guitar...the bass amp has packed it, so...
me and the drummer are going to improvise while he...he fixes our bass
settings...[few more words]."

Somebody else is talking at the same time, on-mic.

[Mark Johnson has " come in...The bass amp's packed in, so...
me and the drummer are going to improvise--right, Steve?"]

They play an short instrumental version of the Velvets tune.

Cries And Whispers

BS:  "Walk upright(?), cuz we got the bass amp back."


TM(?):  "You ready, boys?"

PH:  "Yeah."

BS:  "That's why this one will knock the spots off of ya.  This is
our new single."

Hooky plays the intro notes on the wrong string!

PH:  "Sorry about that."

A couple of volume drops/cutouts before the second verse of the song.

PH:  (at 0:45) "Plug it down to the foldback."

Another fine Morris vocal.


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